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Benefits of joining boldoz book club

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About Boldoz Book Club

Boldoz Bookclub started in 2015 with about 20 members at our first meeting. The bookclub was set up to to encourage reading in our communities, and to create a platform where authors and readers can connect to share knowledge and experience. Since inception, we have read more than 100 books cutting across busines, faith, finance, inspirational and fiction. We have hosted authors, organize masterclasses, and donated more than 600 copies of books to public schools during world book day celebrations. Membership of the club cuts across men and women

Authors that have visited our bookclub

Authors we have learnt from


Nimi Akinkugbe

Author of A-Z of personal finance


Arese Ugwu

Author of Smart money woman


Ibukun Awosika

Author of The girl Entrepreneurs


Tomie Balogun

Author of Investment Clubs


Lanre Olusola

Author of The Money Book


Audrey Ezigbo

Author of Double Impact


Betty Irabor

Author of Dust To Dew


Micheal Afenfia

Author of The mechanics of yenegoa

Among many others

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